Science City

Science City was opened on July 01, 1997 and consists of two facilities, the Science Centre and the Convention Centre.

The Science Centre complex comprises Space Odyssey, Dynamotion, Evolution Park Theme Tour, Maritime Centre, Earth Exploration Hall and a sprawling Science Park. It has already recorded footfall of more than 24.75 million since its launch and is the major attraction in Kolkata to local residents as well as to the national and international visitors to the metropolis.

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While in Kolkata one cannot miss this iconic institution combining education and entertainment in sharp contrast to the science museums existing elsewhere in the country. Setting up of Science City on a plot of land once used for dumping of City’s garbage for over 100 years was a total make-over with a welcoming garden of science and environment friendly landscape.

Key Attractions:

Earth Exploration Hall

Earth Exploration Hall, a unique permanent exhibition on Earth has been opened to the visitors on 6th December 2008. The exhibition is housed in a two storied hemispherical building of 25 meters diameter that displays the details of the southern hemisphere in the ground floor and northern hemisphere in the first floor. A huge Earth globe is located at the centre of the hall surrounded by multi-media presentations on all major global issues.

The exposition is divided into 12 equal longitudinal segments for each hemisphere and all important features of each segment such as physical geography, geology, land and people and flora and fauna are depicted in the exposition. Dynamic natural phenomena on Earth have been highlighted around the central globe with the help of modern technology. Interactive multimedia presentations have been used for information retrieval and visitor engagement. Hands on exhibits supplement the exhibition to explain various physical phenomena of the Earth.

In addition the Earth Exploration Hall has a built-in 3-D theatre where visitors can witness the dynamic phenomena on Earth with 3-D effects wearing a special polaroid glass.

Space Odyssey

This facility houses Space Theatre, Time Machine, 3D Theatre, variety of exhibits on Space science, Spinning platform, Van-de-graaff generator, Mirror Magic and interactive multimedia kiosk on Solar System.

Dynamotion Hall

Scientific phenomenon can be appreciated and understood when it can be seen happening. This large spiral shaped building offers an exciting journey to the world of science. The aquamobile. a plethora of interactive exhibits on physical science and the energy ball exhibit complement the building of unique architecture. Here, one can create music while walking on the floor piano, make soap bubbles float in air, manoeuvre the floating ball, make a large dish float in air or peep into a well of infinite depth. Such exhibits would stimulate the intrinsic and extrinsic faculty of visitors and keep them engrossed in the scientific process of discovery.

Maritime Centre

Maritime Centre, a permanent pavilion within Science City, depicts segments of maritime history, maritime activity and related subjects. It has been developed by Science City, Kolkata in collaboration with Kolkata Port Trust. The permanent expositions are housed in a specially designed two-storied building having a built up area of around 700 square meters and it shaped like a ship. Maritime Centre has on its displays interesting exhibits on maritime activity, replicas, and scaled models of boats, ships and sea going vessels.

Outdoor Science Park

This outdoor exposition comprises Children Play Corner, Caterpillar Ride, Gravity Coaster, Musical Fountain, Road Train, Cable Cars, Monorail Cycle, Butterfly Nursery and a plethora of exhibits on physical science. Placed along side a maze amidst a lush green ambience, it offers an ideal free choice learning environment.

Science Exploration Hall

Science Exploration Hall, the second phase facilities of Science City, Kolkata are all set to attract visitors from across the country with its latest technology and innovative communication techniques.

The 5400 square metres new facility, the Science Exploration Hall, has the latest infrastructure and provides an enquiry based learning to the visitors, through edutainment, on Evolution of Life – A Dark Ride, Panorama on Human Evolution, Science and Technology Heritage of India and Emerging Technologies.

Science on a Sphere

Science City has added yet another state-of- the-art facility called Science on a Sphere, the first of its kind in the eastern part of the country. This room sized spherical projection system uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a 1.80 meter diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. This is an effective educational tool to help illustrate Earth’s dynamic processes and associated science to people of all ages. Animated images of Earth’s land, oceans and atmosphere can be simulated on the sphere to explain what are otherwise complex processes, in a way that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating. This system is expected to provide a platform for better understanding of complex environmental processes.

Address: Science City, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata – 700046, India

Phone: +91-33- 22854343, 22851572, 22852607

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