Local / Public transport in Kolkata City

The Kolkata Metro, in operation since 1984, is the oldest underground mass transit system in India. It spans the north–south length of the city and covers a distance of 25.1 km (16 mi)


Government agencies and private operators run buses, which are the most commonly used mode of transport.


Kolkata is the only Indian city with a tram network, which is operated by the Calcutta Tramways Company. The slow-moving tram services are restricted to certain areas of the city.


Hired public conveyances include yellow metered taxis. Almost all of Kolkata’s taxis are antiquated Hindustan Ambassadors by make; newer air-conditioned radio taxis are also in service.


In parts of the city, cycle rickshaws and hand-pulled rickshaws are patronized by the public for short trips.






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  1. Uber and Ola cabs (the only app-cabs operational here) have virtually taken over Kolkata’s cab-based transport service. It is best to avoid haggling with metered yellow cabs notorious for refusals and faulty meters. Air conditioned city buses (VOLVO, TATA, and Ashok Leyland) have made commuting by bus really comfortable and faster. For short distance shared three-wheeler auto-rickshaws are the most preferred option. Battery-operated e-rickshaws or “Toto” have also made inroads in some parts of the city.

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