Gariahat Market of Kolkata – Shopaholic’s Dream Come True

Technically speaking, almost every single individual who has been in this city has either directly or indirectly visited Gariahat. This is primarily because, this particular point is perhaps one of the most important and busiest intersections / junctions of Kolkata.

It’s kind of hard to find a household in the city of joy where there isn’t something or the other bought from the Gariahat Market!

Gariahat since time immemorial has been known to house some of the most brilliant, elegant and exquisite Bengali saree stores in the city.

This along with other authentic ethnic wear for kids and men alike, all at reasonable rates makes visiting Gariahat worthwhile.

The local makeshift shops over here is where you can get everything you need for your home – stuff like crockery, cutlery, decorative items and other utilities.

But, the only thing to keep in mind while shopping from such vendors is to bargain. These guys usually take people who are not so good at bargaining for a ride!

Gariahat Road is a major artery in south Kolkata and falls under the Ballygunge area. It unites Ballygunge Phari with Prince Anwar Shah Road and continues all the way up to Raja SC Mullick road.

One of its major attractions is the massive Gariahat shopping area, which spans a long stretch of restaurants, shops and stores selling an eclectic variety of clothes, jewelry, electronics, saris, furniture and even pets. Walking down this long serpentine road, one cannot help but be mesmerized by the sheer variety on display in the shops and makeshift stalls that flank the area. The objective was to recreate the great Indian bazaar experience for shoppers. Just like New Market, the goods and items in Gariahat are reasonably priced allowing shoppers plenty of scope for bargaining.

In the recent past, several mega-stores and malls have sprung up in the area including Mukti World mall, Gariahat AC market and Gariahat mall, which provide an American style shopping mall experience with fixed prices. After some heavy duty shopping you can refuel your system with the choicest grub from the slew of restaurants and food stalls that line the area, serving up a repertoire of kathi rolls, cutlets, chowmein, phuchkas, pastries and samosas.
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